Jackfruit juice is a sweet juice obtained from the jackfruit.

Jackfruit Juice

What is Jackfruit Juice?

Jackfruit juice is a sweet juice obtained from the jackfruit. People commonly blend it with coconut water or lemon juice and other fruits to make delicious natural fruit drinks. Jackfruit is predominant in humid tropical climates.

  • This fruit is the most significant tree-borne fruit on Earth, measuring about 36 in (91 cm) long and weighing about 79 lbs (36 kg).
  • In 2019, Indonesia produced 779,000 metric tons of jackfruit.

Some common ways to use jackfruit juice include:

  • Smoothies
  • Jams
  • Cakes
  • Salads
  • Puddings
  • Panna Cottas
  • Ice Creams


The origin of the jackfruit isn’t exactly clear. However, some sources say that it is native to the rainforest of the Western Ghats in India. The memoirs of the Mughal Emperor Babar in the 16th century described jackfruit as “unbelievably ugly and bad tasting.” The jackfruit is commonly cultivated in countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, southern China, Kenya, and Uganda. The fruit germinates well in tropical lowlands. 

The jackfruit is still relatively more abundant compared to other fruits in its family. In 1782, jackfruit plants arrived in Jamaica on a captured French ship en route to Martinique. In the mid-1900s, jackfruit arrived in Northern Brazil.  Later in 1887, jackfruit arrived in the United States in Florida, although the US does not have many jackfruit trees left. People have planted many seeds from this fruit over the years but only a few of them actually grow.


Jackfruit is the main component of jackfruit juice. A cup of sliced jackfruit can provide the following nutritional content:

According to medical research, jackfruit juice might be able to provide the following benefits:

  • It may be able to help maintain your blood sugar level.
  • It contains antioxidants that can fight against the inflammation that leads to cancer.
  • The vitamins in jackfruit juice can help to boost the immune system.   
  • It may be capable of reducing the risk of developing heart disease.  
  • It can improve skin health.

This juice is not known to have any serious adverse effects. It is safe for almost everybody, although some people may be allergic to it. Furthermore, diabetic patients might have to adjust their medication dosage if they consume jackfruit juice regularly. 


Typically, you can use a juicer to blend jackfruit with any other fruit and milk or lemon juice. Jackfruit is an enormous fruit but it is possible to purchase it whole, if necessary. Some stores cut it up and package it to make it easy to sell. If you want to buy the raw fruit, be sure to get one that is tender and not blackened. If you are after the mature fruit, go for pieces that have a bright yellow color. 

For those who want to buy the whole fruit, you should look for jackfruit that has a strong smell, as that indicates the fruit is ripe. When you want to cut the fruit open, apply oil to your hands and the knife for easy slicing. Be aware that jackfruit contains a sticky substance inside it. To store jackfruit, keep it in the fridge for no more than three days or two months in the freezer.

Jackfruit juice recipes

This fruit juice can be adjusted to any palate. Here are some recipes to try:

FDA regulation

The FDA doesn’t have any specific regulations concerning jackfruit juice. Nonetheless, the FDA surveys the processing of juice and has a standard of identity of what they recognize as juice. The FDA defines juice as “an aqueous liquid obtained from one or more fruits or vegetables, or any concentrate of such liquid.” Fruit processors must follow the agency’s rules to reduce food safety hazards associated with raw fruits and vegetables. 


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