Do you want to eat well during the holiday season? This eBook has 10 delicious and healthy recipes that you can enjoy without guilt!

While the holidays are a time for being together with friends and family, they can also be stressful and indulgent, leading to excessive food consumption and weight gain. From cookies to cakes to rich casseroles and buttery bread, there are a lot of traditional dishes that people tend to serve up that can easily be made diet-friendly. 

Whether you are on a paleo, keto, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, low-to-no sodium, or alcohol-free diet, this eBook has recipes for everyone. We all need nutrient-rich foodies and protein to nourish our bodies and maintain strength. Moreover, for those looking to lose weight, it is vital to combine nutrients along with regular exercise. Studies suggest that consuming high-protein and low-carb snacks can help reduce the calories people consume in their following meal, meaning it offers satiety and reduces the probability of overeating. 

Furthermore, by consuming foods that boost digestion, the body will be better equipped to battle the holiday bulge. Integrating certain foods into your diet can help with the digestion process. Lean protein, low-fat beans, and leafy greens are just a few of these foods, and the Healthy Holidays eBook has plenty of recipes that use them.

Of course, while it is better to sparingly enjoy heavier holidays foods as opposed to binge eating them, by making healthier versions of the classics, you can slowly build the habit of choosing more healthful foods. Healthy eating is about being realistic but also consistent. The holidays don’t have to be unhealthy! Enjoy the 10 delicious and healthy recipes in this eBook without guilt!

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